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Real tasks, not brainteasers

Take-home Challenges

Leverage real-world coding tests to discover the true potential of your candidates

Coding Test Example: Tilto Store

test example

Beyond Algorithmic Coding Tests

Real-World Coding Tests

All of our coding tests require candidates to create a real microservice from scratch. Their microservice will be automatically deployed and evaluated in a live production environment, we take care of the whole evaluation process.

This assessment method allows us to test skills that would be impossible to test with traditional algorithmic coding tests.
Thanks to this strategy, we can provide accurate data about your candidates' skills, helping you to avoid costly hiring mistakes.

A complete overview of developers' skills

Why Microservices As Coding Tests?

Building a Microservice from scratch involves a ton of different skills, and so it gives us a complete overview of developers' abilities. Here are some examples of skills that we can evaluate using microservices as coding tests:

  • Implementation of business logic
  • Integration with existing systems (Other microservices, 3rd-party tools, databases, message queues...)
  • Implementation of API specification (JSON API, gRPC...)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra...)
  • Message Queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ...)
  • Code Quality
  • Software Architecture (Hexagonal Architecture, N-tier...)
  • Testing Strategy (Unit, Integration, E2E...)
  • Configuration Management
  • Autonomy: Understanding and correctly implementing requirements

Developer Experience
Developer Experience

Coding tests developers like

Delightful Developer Experience

Most coding assessment platforms force developers to code without their day-to-day IDE, with time constraints and on coding challenges that are far from what the target job is. This suboptimal environment results in a bad experience for developers and an inaccurate view of their skills.

Instead, at Codigrade, our coding tests are based on real job-related tasks, candidates can use their preferred IDE, and there is no time constraint. This environment creates an enjoyable experience for developers and allows us to provide deep insights into their skills.

Technical assessments, reimagined

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Learn how Codigrade can help you hire the best developers.

Gain deep insights into your candidates' skills

Accurately Identify Great Developers

All of our coding tests ensure developers have the skills that matter the most to perform on the job.

Code Quality
Code Quality

Code quality is crucial for software development as it determines how well the codebase functions, scales, and maintains over time.

Integration with Existing Systems

Most software needs to communicate with existing systems like databases, message queues, and other services.
Developers are expected to be able to integrate safely and reliably with existing systems.

Implementing API Specification

Every service exposes some kind of API to interact with it.
It is a crucial skill for developers to be able to understand, design, and implement an API specification.


Developers should know how to efficiently store and retrieve data from databases. Understanding the specificities and trade-offs of databases is mandatory.

Message Queues

With the democratization of event-driven architecture (EDA), it's becoming mandatory for developers to understand and have experience with message queues/brokers.


Understanding and correctly implementing requirements with complete autonomy is the most valuable skill of a developer.

Real Task

Coding Test Example

Here is an example of one of our easier coding test
(Junior Developers)

Coding Test Example: Hubio

test example

Build a real Microservice


In the Hubio coding test, candidates will need to create a microservice from scratch that needs to interact with another microservice and a database.

They will need to correctly implement a JSON API specification, manage service-to-service communication, and correctly save and retrieve data from the database. To score 100%, they will also need to correctly handle database race conditions.

See the full description

Stay ahead of your competitors

Hire Top-Tier Developers, Faster

No bias, maximum accuracy, reduced time-to-hire.


Make better recruiting decisions

All of our coding tests require candidates to create a real service.
By choosing a coding test that is close to your target job, you will be able to have an accurate view of how your candidates would perform on the job, allowing you to not miss out on top talent and avoid hiring mistakes.


Scale your number of candidates

Real-world coding tests are known to be the best for assessing skills but are not scalable because they involve a human to assess candidates' code.
We solve this problem by fully automating the deployment and evaluation of candidates' services; no human intervention is needed.


Streamline your recruiting process

You do not need to schedule tons of interviews to assess a single developer anymore. Just send an assessment link to your candidates, then, if their grade is good enough, schedule an interview with them to discuss the service they built and challenge their decisions.

See It in Action

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In-depth explanation about how to use the Codigrade platform.

Step by Step

How It Works

Easy to use. No setup required.

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You choose a coding test

Choose a coding test that is close to your target job. We continuously add new coding tests to match as closely as possible with your target jobs.

If you want a custom coding test for your enterprise, you can message us directly.

You create an assessment

When you have chosen a coding test, you can then create a new assessment with it. Fill out a simple form where you specify the scenario you chose and the programming languages you allow for this coding test.

After creating an assessment, you will get back an assessment link that you need to send to your candidate for them to take the test.

The candidate takes the coding test

The candidate will use the assessment link you send them to access the coding test. With this link, they will be able to view the test requirements, choose their preferred programming language from the ones you allowed, and upload their code when they are done.

We automatically deploy and evaluate the code

When the candidate uploads their code, we automatically deploy their service and all the required infrastructure components specified in the test in our own environment. We then run a series of automated tests to assess and grade the code.

You view the coding test result

Once we have assessed the candidate code, you will receive an email notification telling you the result is available.

You can use the email link or directly go to the portal to view the test result details and to download the candidate code if needed.

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